Hey guys,

It’s been a fun project. Apparently I’m not really able to keep it up for all 12 months, though. I’ve been having every kind of technological breakdown I thought was possible, short of setting things on fire or flushing my phone down the toilet (a good friend did that once– it was an automatic flush). But all things considered, I’ve had a hard time keeping up.

Thanks for the encouragement and the comments and likes! Keep noticing the little things, even if you don’t post them. Best wishes.


On hiatus!

So, I’m actually halfway around the world. Sitting at the hotel of Nikko Narita while I type this. Did you know that Starbucks advertises a Seattle latte here that’s different from their normal latte? We didn’t have that in Seattle! Anyway, I’ve been missing for a few days, and I may be offline for a few more weeks– It’s been harder to connect to Internet than I thought. Hope you all are doing well 🙂

Days 28 + 29: IKEA Assembly

The shelving in my parents’ closet fell down with a crash one evening. We all looked at each other in the kitchen, decided that it was something in the woods, and went back to eating. Then one of them went into the room and saw that the metal frames were hanging by one side, and boxes had tumbled down, broken, and spat out clothes. It had been a good fifteen years, though, and we had been thinking about ways to get more storage space, so it was as good timing as any.

We got six of those floor-to-ceiling shelves and an assortment of closet rods, drawers, a mirror, and shelves to put in. At one point, we had to begin assembling the furniture inside the walk-in closet because there wasn’t enough room for us to tilt it in anymore. Nailing in the boards this way requires awkward yoga poses, so I have no pictures. But it’s mostly been a success! One broken beam, a couple things screwed in backwards and then re-done, but by the end it’s been well worth it. Thank you, IKEA, and I’m sorry my dad has been cursing your instruction manual for the last 24 hours because he wouldn’t put on his glasses.

Day 28: Cleanliness

The apartment! It looks like new!
Cleaned kitchen

Let’s just take a second to acknowledge that everything here has been wiped down, scrubbed, polished, swiffered, and vacuumed. Well, everything besides my room. My roommate is moving out to move in with her parents. All she has here now is a sleeping bag, because this is our last day together. We’re cleaning it for the new roommate, since I’m staying on the lease so the manager doesn’t need to have it professionally cleaned for $300.

I never noticed how white the fridge is.

Day 27: First grade journal

When I started first grade, my parents gave me a black Mead Composition book, wide-ruled and 200 pages, to encourage me to write.

My first entry:


Greatest achievement:


Another gem, in which I am given a mechanical pencil and forget how to space my letters. I also achieve a sense of self-consciousness once I realize that this is, in fact, a diary:


I’m thinking this is something I should do for my kids too, to remind them just what childhood was like.

Day 26: Travel plans

In just over a week, I’m traveling to Japan with my mom. Neither of us have visited Japan before, although I did get a brief two-hour stay in the Narita airport last year. We will only be there for two days on our way to Taiwan, so we plan to see some temples and not necessarily take the shuttle and the train to see the capital. Excited 🙂
JAPAN - Kyoto Kinkaku-Ji Temple