Day 3: If you can’t cook, have salad

And it takes so much for me to admit that. Since I was 11 I’ve been an integral part of my mom’s kitchen. Chopping vegetables, stir-frying dinner, tenderizing meat, rolling out dumpling dough– I want you to know that I’ve been doing this for years, because it’s not for lack of trying or experience that my roommate looks at my food with some hesitation when I offer it.

Of course, being able to cook just for myself means that I get a lot of creative liberty. Lettuce in the fried rice? Well, I really need to use it up. Mug cake without baking soda? I’m sure it’ll be fine. Forgetting whether I’ve added any flavor to my stir fry?

I guess it’s a low sodium diet today. It’s good for me.

And also, side dishes like this:


It’s colorful, and it’s delicious to taste everything raw, where each vegetable has its own flavor of sweet. And it has six ingredients if you include the salt and pepper. They are:

– Scallions (2), cut to 2″ segments

– Tomatoes (2 large), diced

– English cucumber (1/2), sliced and then cut in half

– A bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper (freshly ground if you have it; pick the finest setting)

Something tells me that my mom is less than impressed, but this was surprisingly good! Much better than the lemon avocado pasta that tasted a little sour and mostly bitter. I still don’t know what happened there.


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