Day 6: Caution: wet carpeted stairs


Wet Floor Warning Cone, by’s Flickr

Coming back to the apartment today, all the hallway doors were open, a tube ran down the hallway with a garishly loud hum, and there were “Caution: Wet Floor” signs on the carpeted hallway and the carpeted stairs. I was too slow to take a picture! But it was so comically unexpected.

Even more unexpected was when I went to take out our compost and recycling, and found the carpet cleaning truck parked right in front of it, the worker winding up hose. I grinned sheepishly, “I should probably come back later,” but he set down his hose and said, “Here, I’ll get that for you.” Took the recycling bin out of my hands, ran around the side of the truck, and then squeezed into the narrow corridor of space between the truck door and the overfull recycling bin. Mind you, he’s twice my size and was probably twice as likely to get stuck.

What a little thing to do. I must have seen him for five minutes. I probably wouldn’t recognize him on the street. Made my evening.


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