Day 7: This is not my photo.

Clear sky by Manganite via Flickr

Usually I try to snap a picture after I’ve noticed something interesting. But granted, I’m no photographer. There’s something about the panorama view that I can’t capture on camera. We live in this huge expanse of a world and it takes talent to remember it vividly in pixels. Today I was sitting in the sunshine thinking how rare it is to see clear skies here, and how when they happen they are never a pale blue background, but always a vibrant blue that leans over you, fighting with the school’s red brick smokestacks and the deep green of evergreens. It’s unexpected, and beautiful in its own right. I went searching for this color, and this was the only photo that came close to capturing it. Who knew there were so many variations of sky blue?

Aside: I’ve seen a knitting project where this group of knitters had several skeins of every shade of blue yarn, and they each made a sky scarf. Every day, they picked two strands of yarn so that the colors most matched what they saw outside and knitted just a couple rows. Eventually they had months of blue skies like that. A wearable documentary of the weather.


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