Day 10: Locked out

I skipped a day, but I will come back to it. And all things considered, I should skip today too, but it’s been so hectic it’s worth documenting. First I got together with a bunch of classmates to make microbiology cupcakes. Bacteria on frosting agar plates? Yum…


Bonus points if you knew that giant cake is a Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion test.

Well, first I thought I lost my phone. Turns out I had it with me, crisis averted.

Then I missed the bus, lost the address of the place I was going, rushed home to get it, and left– without my keys. 

I walked to the bus’s next stop and it hadn’t come by noon, when I was supposed to be at the get-together, but by a stroke of luck some classmates with a car were also running late and spotted me on the road. None of us had been to the apartment before, so the girl who lived there placed a Microbiology book in the door to signal which one was hers. 🙂 Mimosas were made before we even began baking. We had a great time. 

In the evening, I miss dance practice because I had the wrong location memorized. So I’m at the library instead, studying for tomorrow’s big exam with just a few days’ notes I had brought for the bus. My roommate is not picking up her phone, nor is she on Facebook, which is so uncharacteristic that I’m starting to worry that something has happened to her. 

As it stands, I had a piece of bread and some chips to eat today. I just have a dying phone, hairband, cupcake tin, bus pass, cocoa powder, and spatula with me. No one I know who lives nearby is picking up their phones. My apartment manager lives 3 hours away from here, and locksmiths charge $80 that I don’t have, plus they don’t like to unlock multi-resident buildings.  I realize I have a penchant for jumping to the worst case scenario, but if I don’t have a place to go by the time the library closes at 10 pm, I am definitely not going to find a place to go tonight, with a dead phone. As long as there aren’t clouds tonight, the sun should still wake me up in time for class if my phone dies and I end up camping outside a building looking more like a hobo than a student.

That’s the end of my freak-out. Chances are someone will call me back, but I haven’t moved in 4 hours and it’s looking less and less likely.
Things to be grateful for: After I take tomorrow’s exam on an empty stomach, I get a cupcake with candy gonorrhoeae on it. And it will taste like heaven.

(Edit: I’m just a huge drama queen. Half an hour before the library closed, I realized I should start texting my male friends too, and of course they all responded 😛 One friend ordered pizza and we ended up watching Mulan with all of his housemates. My roommate came home at midnight. So, I got my food and I got my bed and a pillow feels amazing.)


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