Day 14: The energy of a crowd

There’s something about people sitting down that makes it hard to get into the music. You wonder if you’re the only one singing along and whether the bass is pumping through everybody else’s veins, or just your own. It also started raining last night, this ongoing light rain, which didn’t help those of us sitting in the grass who had to squelch through mud to get to our seats. But!

When Danny O’Donoghue jumps off the stage into the crowd, and Mark Sheehan runs across the stage while playing guitar and the camera on the screens zooms to his hands moving faster than we can see– All of a sudden the people in the seats stand up to see better, and the people on the grass abandon our soaked towels and blankets to rush forward to the railing, And the music felt louder and truer because of it. No fancy lighting, because The Script was not the main act, and no smoke and mirrors– Just a lot of music, a lot of passionate people, and a bunch of guys who travel the world breaking hearts.


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