Day 19: Calendar of hanging out with friends

I don’t say no to free calendars. Over the years, I’ve developed templates for a day planner and a monthly work planner that fit my methods of organization, but these scratch-paper assemblies don’t quite have the appeal of glossy landscape photos and color-coded months. Plus, businesses hand these out like candy and people just toss them. So I found a way to put one extra calendar to use that also kind of keeps my false sense of loneliness at bay. It’s a calendar of friends I’ve hung out with:

Turns out I do have a social life!

Turns out I do have a social life…?

I’m sure there’s a more succinct description, but it eludes me… Anyway, while I’m not sure whether or not this is just lazy diary-keeping, it does work like the opposite of a planner. At the end of each day, I scribble in the names of people I talked to and a brief description of the interaction. Three helpful things that this does:
– Remembers names of people you’ve just met
– Tells you to catch up with a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time
– Reminds you that you do get enough human interaction, even if you’ve hardly left the house in days and feel starved for attention.

In the interest of full disclosure though, I put some silly things on there. I mean, on August 19th, the only thing I did was receive a text (with photo!) from my sister saying that she found a gecko in her house. 😛


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