Day 21: Making the best of commute time

I have three months left of the shortest commute I may ever see in this lifetime. Next to living in the CSE student lounge (with their 24-hour keycard access to LAN parties, showers, sofas, and a refrigerator full of beers), this is the closest to campus I can possibly be. Especially since the university keeps buying property to build housing, so our 1920s apartment is now cozied up against the new 7-story metal-and-grey-brick dorms:

The Behemoth. Just kidding, it's called Cedar.

The Behemoth. Just kidding, it’s called Cedar Apartments.

Groceries, libraries, classes, all three buildings I get assigned to for work– no more than a 20 minute walk away. My walk home is usually when I cool off, smile at strangers, slow down, breathe deeply. (Get some exercise.) Even the pouring rain, which I used to hate because I’d be clammy and shivering when I got to class, is a tad more enjoyable now that I have a warm coat for winter.

Come November, I start clinical rotations in another city, over an hour’s drive away. It’ll get me out of the rain, and it’s certainly doable. The only semi-issue is that I’m such a creature of habit, I have to re-learn how to appreciate a long drive. I don’t want to be a distracted driver, plus using your phone while driving has been banned here (gulp) so I can’t make phone calls. Maybe I’ll just become a connoisseur of radio music, who knows?


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