Day 22: Small coffee shops

Seattle boasts a lot of mom-and-pop places that are proud of what they do, and that warms my heart. Whether it’s the way they research their fair trade coffee growers or the experience of their baristas winning coffee-making competitions, they’ve usually got some story to tell.

My favorite coffee place isn’t actually a place where I’ve talked to the owners or baristas though. And it doesn’t have any photos to justify the awesome living-room atmosphere to it. The one picture I tried to surreptitiously take of the entrance:
Ugly Mug

Notice the:

– Coffee brewers in front

– One brick wall

– Vertical chalkboard work statement– there’s another chalkboard wall to my right as I’m taking this picture, with large, old, glamorous-looking picture frames that surround the menus written on the board

– Dinosaur in the back??

– Kerr jar lights

– Assortment of mismatched lights in the back

Ugly Mug

This is to my right. The building itself has those gargoyle-esque faces on it, all of them sticking out their tongues. There’s an apartment complex above, or offices, I can’t tell.

Earl grey milk tea

They call it an earl grey milk tea, not an earl grey latte, lest you confuse it with coffee. Best thing ever in this asymmetrical cup. I’ve tried ordering earl grey lattes elsewhere since I had this piece of heaven, but nothing else compares. I actually tempt myself with this when I can’t get motivated to study. And the mismatched tables are either painted, or covered in glass with vintage stamps and sketches underneath, with the exception of things like this:



A curtain made of a coffee bean sacks separates the seating from the kitchen. I am so in love with this place’s eclectic mix of… everything. Even if they play music like Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration”.



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