Day 27: First grade journal

When I started first grade, my parents gave me a black Mead Composition book, wide-ruled and 200 pages, to encourage me to write.

My first entry:


Greatest achievement:


Another gem, in which I am given a mechanical pencil and forget how to space my letters. I also achieve a sense of self-consciousness once I realize that this is, in fact, a diary:


I’m thinking this is something I should do for my kids too, to remind them just what childhood was like.


2 thoughts on “Day 27: First grade journal

  1. Aw, these entries are so sweet! I wish I still had my first diary, I think I got it when I was around seven or eight. I can still remember the first thing I wrote in it, it was something like, “I won this diary at a birthday party. We also had a mintie hunt and I had the most minties but then (I cant remember who) stole the minties I saw around the pool fence.”

  2. Haha! Congrats on winning that diary 🙂 The smallest things make kids so excited. You can be sure that if I go to Canada now, the last thing I will be writing about is how hard it is to get sand out of my shoe!

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