Day 28: Cleanliness

The apartment! It looks like new!
Cleaned kitchen

Let’s just take a second to acknowledge that everything here has been wiped down, scrubbed, polished, swiffered, and vacuumed. Well, everything besides my room. My roommate is moving out to move in with her parents. All she has here now is a sleeping bag, because this is our last day together. We’re cleaning it for the new roommate, since I’m staying on the lease so the manager doesn’t need to have it professionally cleaned for $300.

I never noticed how white the fridge is.


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Cleanliness

    • Absolutely. Having a clean space puts me at ease. I’ve been working on domestic chores at my parents’ house as well, cleaning so that we can put in new closet shelving… I think I’ll pass for your kitchen, but totally encourage you to do it! πŸ˜‰

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